What is BELKYRA?

BELKYRA (KYBELLA) injections help to rid your face of that pesky double-chin by synthesizing deoxycholic acid. This substance is naturally found in the human body, and breaks down to help you to absorb fat cells-which play a substantial part in the sculpture of your jaw line. This relatively new treatment has been found by the FDA to be permanent in terms of results, as long as there are no major life changes or events that may affect the shape of your jaw line.

If you are looking to take care of that extra fat under your chin, give Dermis Advanced Skin Care a call at (613)233-6823 to consult with one of our specialists about BELKYRA!

BELKYRA may be the solution for you if:

  1. You’re unhappy, self-conscious or otherwise bothered by fat under the chin. This is also known as submental fullness.
  2. You feel like this extra fat makes you look older or heavier than you really are.
  3. You want to rectify excess fat under the chin without surgery.
  4. You eat well and take care of yourself, but submental fullness just doesn’t go away.

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