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Botox in Ottawa is a solution to achieve the look you want

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Areas of Botox Ottawa Treatment

As you consider putting your best face forward with Botox in Ottawa, you will naturally be inclined to learn about what areas of the face can be treated with this product. So, what are these areas?

  • Vertical Frown Lines – These lines are also known as glabellar lines, and are formed in the forehead by constantly frowning or squinting. People who spend a lot of time in the great outdoors are more likely to have these lines, which can result in a “worried” expression on your face-even when you aren’t worried!
  • Horizontal Forehead Creases – As we get older, most of us will end up seeing creases across our forehead, usually in a number of rows. These can be mostly superficial, only showing up when you raise your eyebrows high, or much deeper and visible at all times.
  • Crow’s Feet– Also known as periorbital wrinkles, these extend outward from the corners of the eyes and are caused by squinting or smiling in certain ways.
  • Sagging and Drooping Brows – A heavy brow can really hinder your confidence, as it can make you look significantly older.
  • Nasal “Bunny Lines” – These lines on the bridge of your nose are not as cute as the name suggests. These lines form when a person often contracts their nasalis muscle.